Powered Speakers

Genius Quality from Steljes Audio

Powered Speakers

The NS1 were originally designed as computer speakers, but their impeccable audio quality and Bluetooth connectivity allow for use in multiple applications across your home or office. Built with rigorous attention to detail, every curve, the feel of the switches and the use of materials and paint finishes has been comprehensively thought through to provide a beautiful product. The NS3 are larger speakers, with higher power output and additional connectivity, while the NS6 are the floor-standing powerhouses.

Looking for ‘hi-fi’ sound? But don’t want to share your home with lots of separate bits of big, unsightly electrical kit? Us, too, and we’ve got the answer. Check out the Steljes Audio range of powered, Bluetooth-equipped stereo speakers. Looking pretty good, huh? But the real beauty here is that we build a powerful stereo amplifier into one of the speakers, which enables us to create an amazing sounding ‘separates system’ from just two speaker cabinets. Simply wirelessly connect your music device and enjoy.

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Genius Quality

Whisper it, but clever technology should actually seem simple. Take multi-room music, for example. Our system is affordable, extremely clever, and - gasp - easy to use. It even works with other brands' products. (Though why you would want to do that remains a mystery to us.) All you need is an iOS or Android device, download the App and start enjoying your music the way artists intended you to hear it.

Exquisite Detailing

Details matter. From the placement of carry handles, to the angles of curved cabinets, we carefully consider them all. Hey, live long enough with something - or someone - and even the tiniest aspects make a difference. We're aiming for long-term relationships here. And we like the word 'elliptical'.

Fresh Look

We bring an open-minded approach to the world of audio products. Just because it's always been done that way, doesn't mean that it must always be done that way. Join us, and let's rock the boat. And as The Clash said, the Casbah as well.

Beautifully Made

We are sure that you'll enjoy our products for many, many years. That's why we always ensure that they'll look as good tomorrow as they look today. Beautiful build quality/design is one thing that will never go out of fashion.

Sonic Purity

The Steljes Audio design team includes not just esteemed audio designers, all of course furnished with the most strokable beards, but also a good helping of 'Regular Joes'. You see, anyone can tell when something sounds good. Good is good, the ears don't lie. That's why our products sound sublime to even those not in possession of a pair of Golden Ears... in other words, all of us. You and me.

Innovative Design

Innovative design requires more than doing things differently. Anyone can do that. The real challenge is to do things better, as well as differently. That is why, before we 'add a tick to a spec sheet', we ensure that the new feature works for you, as well as us.